"A wonderful new talent emerges.  Katt explodes on screen in an emotionally honest performance..."  
- Scott Foundas, The Village Voice
"Talent.  Finally!  George Katt is daring and believable..." - Al Friedman, The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Leading the charge is newcomer George Katt, an actor who, if the fickle movie gods are just, will break out and breath fresh air into a young, American acting generation that is
practically bereft of anyone with the smoldering yet sensitive intensity of a Brando or De Niro. Katt is able to portray street-smart grit and guile as well as moments of sublime gentleness."
- Todd Konrad, Independent Film Quarterly
"If Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp and Mark Ruffalo were ever to come together and spawn a love child,
the outcome would be George Katt." - Sarah Coleman, Director / "Heartbreaker"
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